Put your money where your dream is.

Invest in your goals and start living.

How it works

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Decide what
matters to you.

Finding the motivation to save can be tough. But it’s
so much easier when you’re saving for the things that
really matter to you.

Deciding what you want from life is the first step to
getting it. So start by creating your goals in 22seven.

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Get a plan.

Planning for your life goals and reaching them is actually
pretty simple. Just tell 22seven how much you need and
when you need it by. We’ll tell you how much to save. If
that’s too much, you can always delay your target date a bit
to make sure you can afford it.

Get a plan
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22seven goals

Invest in your goals.

Putting money in a savings account may be familiar. But
investing in your goals can be way better.

22seven offers low cost funds from one of the most
trusted names in the investment business - Old Mutual.
So you know your money is safe and working towards
your future just as hard as you are.

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Add money
whenever you want.

If you can’t commit to a monthly contribution right
away, no sweat! You can invest in your goals
monthly, once off, or both. Toggle debit orders on
or off whenever you like, so you have the
flexibility to adjust to life as it happens.

Get a plan
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22seven goals

Track your progress.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans despite our
best intentions. So we’ve made sure you can track the
progress of your goals. See how many days you have to
go and if you’re going to reach them on
time. Then make changes if you need to.

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Spend guilt-free.

Once you reach your goals, give yourself a pat
on the back! You get to spend guilt free,
knowing you aren’t dipping into credit to enjoy
the things you want. Say goodbye to debt
repayment headaches and hello to living.

Get a plan

A fund for
every goal.

With the launch of our Money Market fund, we offer the right tools for every goal. Whether you’re saving for something a few months away, or twenty years from now.

old mutual money market fundold mutual core balanced fundold mutual FTSE RAFI world index feeder fundold mutual top 40 index fund

No brokers. No extra fees.

We offer low cost index tracker unit trust funds. And don’t charge an advice fee. So you’re able to make the most of your money’s growth.


Paperless. And done in minutes.

No complicated forms. No queues. No calls. And no fuss. You’ll be done in minutes. And when you need to make changes in future that’s all on the app too.


Local or international.

Our funds represent the top listed companies around the world.

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Tax or tax free.

With the launch of tax free savings, you can opt between taxed and tax free investments. We’ll also protect you from over contributing, so you can enjoy your tax freeness!

Reach for your goals now