How you’ll manage your money more easily.

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See all your money in one place.

The first thing you’ll do is link your money stuff: cheque and savings accounts, credit and store cards, investments, loans and rewards.

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To link accounts, you need to enter their login details, including passwords. This is safe, secure and comes with insurance. And millions of people around the world have done it for many years.

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22seven gathers and updates (and keeps) all your transactions for you…

When you link accounts, 22seven usually gets the last 3 months’ transactions from them. After that, they’re automatically updated whenever you log in, or daily.

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…and automatically sorts them all…

22seven identifies each transaction and automatically puts it into a category like Groceries, Rent or Pets. Use existing categories or create your own.

Categorise transactions

…so you can see how much you spend on what…

22seven automatically adds up what you spend on each category, each month, so you see exactly where your money goes. Brace yourself: it’s honest about what you do with your money.

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…and start finding more money, immediately.

Once you see what your money’s doing, you know where you can make the kinds of changes that save our customers hundreds or even thousands every month. Unused gym contract? Cancelled. Impulse purchases? Slept on. Gas guzzler? Traded in. Debt? Wiped out.

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You get a personalised budget, automatically...

22seven generates a budget for you, based on your own, actual behaviour. It shows you what you spend on things on average each month, have spent so far this month, planned to spend and have left to spend.

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…and personalised insights, regularly.

Nudges are useful hints and observations that help you use your money better. They’re relevant to you – your money, your spending – and designed to highlight things you may not otherwise have known or noticed.

22seven Nudges

See what your money’s worth.

You can see your net value and (hopefully) watch it grow each month. You also get an honest view of what you have, owe and can borrow (not what the bank says you have “available”).

22seven net value

Find any transactions, instantly.

Every transaction is remembered and stored for you for as long as you use 22seven. Search using various filters and find whatever, from whenever. And you don’t have to pay for the information (unlike at your bank). After all, it belongs to you.

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Complete your tax return, easily.

All your income and expenses are automatically categorised and exportable. Manual record keeping isn’t necessary anymore, ever.

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Keep doing more of the things
that matter most.

We’ll never stop evolving and improving 22seven. We want to help more
people find more money, in more ways, so they can do more of the stuff
that’s really important to them.

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